Key Personnel

Malayan Adjustment Company key staff

Ramakrishnan Kervsseben (Director/Chief Executive Officer)

Chartered Loss Adjusters
ANZIFF (Senior Associate), ACLA (Associate),
Certified Insurance Professional,
Dip Financial Services (Loss Adjusting)

Ramakrishnan commenced his career in loss adjusting in 2001 with a local company primarily handling motor claims before joining Malaco in 2003 where he continued to build on his motor experience.

His diligence and keenness to learn was spotted by the industry and in 2007 he was recruited as a non-motor adjuster by Cunningham Lindsey Malaysia. This led to his extensive exposure in a wide variety of claims relating to fire, burglary, flood, windstorm, lightning, money, machinery breakdown, Contractors/Erection All Risk, public liability, jewelers block, goods in transit and marine cargo.

Acknowledging his ability to adjust claims professionally and promptly, Cunningham CAT Team engaged him to help out with catastrophe losses in Brisbane, Australia in year 2010 where the city and its neighborhood was hit by massive flood. He was also a nominated adjuster by FM Global Singapore to handle claims pertaining to their losses in Malaysia after he had done an impressive work in handling their large loss claims to satisfactory conclusion.

Ramakrishnan has over the years developed a sharp sense for detecting fraud and establishing evidence. The jewelers block market recognizes this and uses him regularly for their claims

Zulkefli Bin Ahmat (Director)

Zulkefli is a specialist in handling Motor Own Damage claims. He joined a motor loss adjusting firm in 1991 where he picked up invaluable skills relevant to the job and joined Malaco in 2010.

The process of claims adjusting, investigation and overseeing subordinates’ work has enriched his knowledge of motor claims handling immensely, and currently he is in-charge of Motor Own Damage claims, and Takaful account.

Nelson Francis (Chief Operating Officer)


Nelson has been in the adjusting industry for over 20 years, handling both Motor and Non-motor claims.  As a result he has gained considerable experience in Motor Theft, Third Party Bodily Injury, Contractors All Risks, Fire, Burglary and Fidelity Guarantee claims.

He is acknowledged for having successfully handled many Third Party Bodily Injury claims involving public and commercial motor vehicles – these are cases that made headlines in all major national newspapers, and each of which involved a large number of third party claimants.  Nelson has built strong connections with various authorities such as the Police and JPJ and is thus able to obtain quick responses and police findings to complete his investigation work swiftly.

Leonos Alexander (General Manager – Accident & Health)

BA(Econs), Dip Ins. Admin, AIPD

Leonos holds a degree in Economics and a post-graduate Diploma in Administration. He is also an Associate of the Institute of Personal Development (UK) and is a professional trainer. He had worked in an insurance company for 18 years where he rose to the position of heading the Claims Department of the General Division.

Leonos changed his career to loss adjusting in 2000 by joining an international loss adjusting firm. His expertise lies in handling Third Party Bodily Injury (TPBI), Personal Accident (PA), Medical, Liability, Medical Malpractice and Workmen’s Compensation claims.

Leonos has personally handled a wide range of TPBI, Medical and PA claims which are of a dubious nature. With the assistance from a panel of 20 medical consultants/specialists and forensic experts, he was instrumental in enabling Insurers to successfully repudiate many of these claims. Leonos has also handled PA claims overseas.

He is now the General Manager of our firm and is responsible for the company’s overall marketing, and the Accident and Health Unit.

Abdul Salem Bin Mohd Ali (General Manager – Motor)

Abdul Salem is our Johor Baru Branch Manager and brings with him 13 years of experience in loss adjusting. He was with Associated Adjusters since 2006 and was based in Johor Baru. During this period he was handling several Bodily Injury and as well as Motor Theft Claims. He has an impressive track record of cracking several large fraud claims involving BI and motor theft cases for insurers in Johor.

He is also specialized in casualty claims and third party property damage claims and vast knowledge of the local market and was promoted to Assistant to the Branch Manager in appreciation of his technical expertise in handling these type of cases.

Raja Suzali Raja Sulong (Asst. General Manager – Takaful)

Raja Suzali commenced his loss adjusting career in 1999 with a local company primarily handling motor and non-motor claims before joining Malaysian Broadwide Adjuster in 2003 where he continued to build on his non-motor experience which led to his extensive exposure in a wide variety of claims relating to fire, burglary, flood, windstorm, lightning, money, machinery breakdown, etc.

As a result, he has gained considerable experience in various types of non-motor claims.
Before joining Malayan Adjustment, he was leading the in-house non-motor Fast Track investigation unit in AIG Insurance Malaysia for the last 5 years.

Benjamin Choo (Asst. General Manager – Non Motor)

AMII(1), BSc. (Hons) Actuarial Science

Benjamin Choo started his loss adjusting career in year 2012 with a leading adjusting firm, handling various classes of losses. Being excelled in all assignments to him, he was soon promoted as a senior loss adjuster where he began to handle large and complex commercial and financial losses.

During the course of his career, he has gained substantial experience in handling a wide range of property and casualty related losses which include commercial and industrial fire, jewellery block, associated perils & theft/robbery loss. He extensively involved in leading a team of loss adjusters and managing the catastrophe flood claims, as well, in Kuantan (2013), Kelantan (2014), Segamat (2017) and Penang (2017) in which easily over thousands of claims per occurrence.

Benjamin Choo graduated from Bachelor of Science (Hons) Actuarial Science Degree and throughout out his academic, he had acquired in-depth knowledge of complex mathematics and business accounting. For that being the reason, he has special interest in handling financial line claims with high level of complexity, such as fidelity guarantee and associated business interruption.

In recognition of his dedication and service to the company, he has been exalted with Manager position to assist and support the management in the expansion of its non-motor loss adjusting business.

In year 2021, he joined Malayan Adjustment Company as Assistant General Manager to oversee the non-Motor claims. With his vast experience in loss adjusting, he brings the skill and technical knowledge to complement the company in providing clients with a superior level of loss adjusting services.

Benjamin Roy (Asst. General Manager)

Dip Mech Eng
ANZIIF (Snr Assoc), ACLA, CIP,
FIFAA Chartered Loss Adjuster

Benjamin Roy started his career with an International Loss Adjusting firm and was part of the Engineering Unit for the Southern Region. A unit set up and was trained to handle specifically engineering claims such as boiler fire investigation and assessment, etc. He was subsequently exposed to handling various types of claims in Johor State.

He later moved to another International Firm and was involved in handling specific client accounts such as Shimano Components, Oriental Assemblers-Kah Motor and Hitachi Transport based in Johor. He acted as the coordinator personally handling the claims and/or oversee the handling of the claims with providing risk improvement measures to Insurers so as to reduce the claim nos. His area of expertise begins to develop to include Machinery Breakdown, Contractor/Erection All Risks, Equipment and Jewelers Block claims.

He was subsequently promoted and was instrumental in personally setting up the firm’s Melaka branch operations. He set up the motor and non-motor units and gained support from most of the Insurers in Melaka, Muar, Segamat, Batu Pahat and Negeri Sembilan. Handled various types of claims and risk surveys. Also provided training for the Insurers and their staff. Carried out regular bordereaux meetings with Insurers such as MSIG, AIG, Am Ass, etc. Was involved with Ace Synergy and AIG in developing the risk survey format and procedures to survey bird’s nest houses in Peninsular Malaysia. Formats which were subsequently used by other Insurers.

He subsequently joined Insurers, Tokio Marine Insurans as the Southern Region Claims head. His responsibilities involve the Insurance Claims Management for the Southern Hub overseeing four branches Melaka, Segamat, Batu Pahat and Johor Bahru processing motor windscreen claims, non-motor claims and also involve in assigning Adjusters/surveyors to investigate claims. He was assisted by eight personnel including a Claims Manager based in Johor Bahru. He was directly involved in the negotiation and settlement of claims. He did get involve in determining Adjusters and Repairers panel and getting involve in Fraud claims investigation when necessary. He was involved in assisting the Marketing officers and Regional head in some cases for risk survey to determine the moral hazards of certain risk and/or provide views on improvements to specific risk.

Suresh P.Jeganathan (Manager – Motor)

LLB (Hons)

Suresh was a law graduate from University of London and started his career in Loss Adjusting with Jaya Adjusters Sdn Bhd in year 2000. He was then handling motor insurance claims investigation.

And subsequently joined McLarens Saksama International Loss Adjusters (known as Mclarens Young International then) in 2003. During his service with the company, he was assigned on Motor and Non Motor claims investigation and upon serving 6 years, moved to join Logan Loss Adjusters Sdn Bhd in 2006 as an Editor cum Operations Manager.

Apart from vetting motor investigations reports, he was also in-charge for the operation of the motor department which exposes him onto monitoring of compliance and performance of the adjusters and assignments to ensure delivery.

In his 8 years of service with the said company, Suresh has gained vast knowledge onto managing and executing motor claims investigation which sees him exploring knowledge onto technicality and complexity of motor claims environment. With his years of service and exposure, coupled with his knowledge in law and legal matters, Mr. Suresh brings with him vast knowledge in liability assessment and motor investigation skills on-board with him.

James Ho (Manager – Motor)

BA (Hons) Law Barrister (Lincoln’s Inn)

James started his career as a police officer in year 1968. During his tenure in the force, he was deployed to various departments in order to gain the necessary experience. James was promoted to an inspector. He had with him many years of experience investigating numerous criminal (commercial crimes, robberies, theft, etc), he spent about 9 years in the police field force working at the brigade intelligence centre and thereafter, became a platoon commander in 17 battalion PFF and was deployed to the ground for operational duties with the other ground forces for counter communist insurgencies work.

Whilst in the police force, James was on study leave and reads law in London and was called to the Bar at Lincoln’s Inn. After reading in chambers, he opted for early retirement from the police force and joined Hong Leong Assurance Berhad’s Claims Department in 1986 as a Lagal Officer. During his tenure with Hong Leong Assurance Berhad, he dealt with all classes of insurance claims. He was subsequently promoted to be incharge of all branches major claims and also assisted to manage claims analysis and put forth recommendations to the management for the underwritters to implement prudent undewriting practices , consequently improving the Company’s loss ratio, James also has vast experience in handling fraudulent insurance claims involving Fire, PA and Maritime policies. Subsequently, he was also included into the company’s audit team comprising the heads of underwriting, finance and compliance to conduct random audit checks. These audit findings are submitted directly to the audit committee of Hong Leong Group.

James was also a concillor with the Motor Insurer Bureau (MIB) and left the Bureau as Vice Chairman in 2006. He is on record of providing dedicated services on a voluntary basis.

James retired from the insurance industry in year 2006. He joined a legal firm to develop insurance business and subsequently , James was recruited by MSM International Adjusters (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd as a Manager heading the audit and investigations department. The role includes, amongst others, the conduct of internal audit of adjusting files through out the country.

In view of this vast experience and networking, James joined Malayan Adjustment Company who will be assisting Motor Liability and Non Motor department in the investigations involving special cases.

Rohana Binti Yusoff @ Maria (Manager – Accident & Health)

Rohana Yusoff fondly referred to as Maria was educated in Singapore after which she joined Mayban General Assurance (now known as Etiqa Insurance Berhad). Her last post was Assistant Vice-President Claims, heading the PA & Health Section of the Claims Department.

Her forte lies in the handling of Bancassurans and Fast-Track and Personal Accident claims. She also has vast experience in handling Critical Illness claims. After 25 years with the above company, she left to start a career in loss adjusting in 2013.

She joined us on 1st January 2015 as Manager (Accident & Health Unit) with responsibilities to ensure smooth and effective operation of the Accident & Health Unit.

Jasreen Kaur Jaj Amerjit Singh (Manager – Non Motor and Liability)

LL.B (Hons), CLP

Jasreen Kaur graduated with a LLB Degree in Law from the University of Hertfordshire and completed her Certificate in Legal Practice in year 2014.

She was called to the BAR in February 2016 and thereafter began her career as a litigation lawyer with Messrs Othman Hashim & Co under the supervision.

She was then trained to handle mostly contentious claims involving Non-motor liability, Motor Own Damage and Motor Theft claims, which also involves subrogation and third party recovery.

Having served the firm for almost two plus years, in May 2018 she joined Messrs. Murali B Pillai & Associates, where her scope widens to handle workmen’s compensation claim, public liability claim, mobile equipment claims and recovery for non-payment of premiums. She was then exposed in conducting full trials.

Her keen interest in not only litigating the claims but also to discover the investigation part of the Loss Adjusters reports brought her to join MACSB in March 2021, where she was engaged as an Assistant Manager for the Motor Investigation Department and subsequently, promoted as a Manager to oversee assignment and operation in the Non Motor Liability Department. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Law with University Malaya.

Jasreen brough with her vast experience in insurance claim litigation and is seen as a valuable addition to the Company from her ability advise clients on prospects of settlement against litigation, policy interpretation and legal liability aspect which is a principal requirement in liability claims.

Lim Ban Ho (Manager – Non Motor)

ANZllF (Snr Assoc), CIP

Ban Ho is well known to the insurance fraternity in Northern Peninsula. He joined the Company in 1970 as a support staff and his potential was quickly spotted by the management which facilitated his switch to loss adjusting in 1984. He has spent most of his loss adjusting years in Ipoh and Penang, handling a wide variety of Motor and Non-motor claims.

Zainudin Bin Idris (Branch Manager [Kota Bahru])

Adv Diploma Law

Zainudin holds an Advance Diploma In Law and commenced his career in the field of loss adjusting with a local firm in 1994. Having acquired the experience and knowledge in handling motor claims, he was promoted as a Branch Manager covering and also oversees the operations of the Kelantan and Terengganu region.

In 2004 his experience and efficiency was spotted by another local adjusting firm where he was appointed to be in charge of East Coast region till 2014.

During this period, En Zainudin gained extensive experience and has very good knowledge in dealing with Motor claims and has cracked many fraud cases in his career Zainudin joined Malayan Adjustment Company in January 2014 and is currently heading our branch operations in Kota Bharu, handling Motor and also Non Motor claims.

David Tiung (Branch Manager [Kuching])

Adv Diploma Law

David graduated with an Advance Diploma in Law from University of East Anglia and completed his Bachelor Degree in Law at the Wolverhampton University in England.

He worked as a legal clerk for a few years after his graduation before embarking his loss adjusting career in year 1999 with the then, McLarens Young, Malaysia. His exposure in loss adjusting among others, were managing claims relating to factory fires and including flashovers at power plants, burglary, money, flood, lightning/windstorms, marine cargo and hull, public liability, personal accident, third party bodily injury and fidelity guarantee claims.

He left MSM International Loss Adjuster as an Assistant Manager in 2018 and joined Malayan Adjustment Company as the company’s Branch Manager in Kuching, Sarawak.

Lim Wai Han (Branch Manager [Johore Bahru])

LL B (Hons)

Wai Han graduated with LLB (Hons) from University of London, External Programme and also with accounting knowledge by receiving a Diploma in Accounting (Distinction with Commendation).

He started his career in adjusting since year 2013 and joined Crawford & Company Adjuster (M) Sdn Bhd and Maphilindo International Sdn Bhd.

He was well trained in these firms and gain experiences and exposures on Non-Motor claim in various classes including Fire & Perils, Burglary, Liabilities, Fidelity Guarantees, Contractor All Risks, etc. With his legal and accounting background, he handles most of the Liabilities and financial losses for the companies.

He also participated in catastrophe losses such as East Coast flood in year 2013, 2014 and Penang flood in year 2017. He Then joined Malayan Adjustment Company as an Assistant Manager and currently heading the Johor Bahru Branch. With his vast experience, Mr. Lim Wai Han, coupled with knowledge in Law and Accounting is well versed in all aspects of non-motor claims.

Darrell Junior Ho (Asst. Branch Manager [Kota Kinabalu])

B. Sc (Hons)

Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from University Malaysia Sabah, Kota Kinabalu, Darrell first started as a Trainee Junior Adjuster in Crawford and Company Adjuster (M) Sdn Bhd, Kota Kinabalu in 2013.

During the 6 years tenure, he was involved in major losses especially under Fire, Fidelity Guarantee, Contractor’s All Risk, Public Liability, GIT and Marine Cargo.

He was also among the team of adjusters sent to Penang to handle the catastrophic flood loss claim in 2017 and possess experience in handling claims for the Rapid Petronas Project at Pengerang, Johor.

Darrell was also involved in personal accidents and property damage claims for the June 5, 2015 earthquake in Ranau, Sabah.

In the year 2016 to 2017 was a bad year in Sandakan, Sabah whereby more than 10 supermarkets were involved with fire losses which he had handled around 80% of all the supermarkets fire claims.

He joined Malayan Adjustment Company Sdn Bhd as an Assistant Manager in January 2020 and is currently heading the Kota Kinabalu branch.